Research and Markets: Emerging Pharmaceutical Technologies - Stem Cells to Play a Significant Role in the Pharmaceutical Industry of the Future

<0> Research and Markets: Emerging Pharmaceutical Technologies - Stem Cells to Play a Significant Role in the Pharmaceutical Industry of the Future </0>

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Stem cell technology is set to play a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry of the future. The opportunities for using stem cells across drug discovery, disease research, drug development and treatments are wide-ranging, yet largely unproven at present.

Even if companies are not interested in joining the first wave of stem cell therapy developers, they need to be monitoring this sector in order to understand future competitive threats.

The impact on drug discovery & development will impact the whole industry through a range of changes, from greater understanding of diseases to improved screening of drug candidates.

With R&D pipelines across the industry still under pressure, collaboration between academia, stem cell specialist companies, pharmaceutical companies and government& regulators is needed to ensure the smooth and rapid advancement of these technologies.

The report, Emerging Pharmaceutical Technologies - Stem Cells has been written to support corporate strategy, new product development, business development, and R&D teams through its analysis of the trends being seen and the innovations taking place in this fast moving area. This report will support the corporate strategies and key decisions being made in this area through its analysis, insights, case studies, and company profiles included.

Key Reasons to Purchase

- Benefit from CBR Pharma Insights' case study analysis of the key players, pharma companies, and key trials taking place to help support your corporate decision making

- Gain a complete understanding of the Stem Cell landscape through our analysis of the developments that are taking place today and the companies who are going to impact the industry in the future

- Learn about and gain insights on the key therapeutic applications that exit for stem cells in addition to the ways they can support drug discovery and the reinvigoration of your R&D pipeline

- Balance the benefits associated with moving into the Stem Cell area with the challenges that exist to their ultimate success through our analysis of the issues associated with their use and the various applications where they can be utilized

Chapter 1: Introduction

- Introduction

- R&D applications

- Therapeutic applications

- Other issues

- - Regulation

- - Pricing and reimbursement

Chapter 2: R&D Applications

- How Stem Cells could revolutionize the R&D process

- Drug discovery implications

- Cancer stem cells

- Key companies and case studies

Chapter 3: Therapeutic Applications

- Key development areas

- - Tissue regeneration, blood disorders, HIV, cancer, brain diseases, etc.

Chapter 4: Company Focus

- Profiles of leading stem cell developers

- Pharma company interest in the area increases


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