Regen BioPharma Announces Appointment Of Dr. Harry Lander As President

SAN DIEGO, October 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Regen BioPharma, Inc., (OTCBB: RGBP, OTC: RGBP) today announced the appointment of Harry Lander, PhD as its new president. Dr. Lander will work closely with the Company's Chairman & CEO David Koos as Regen BioPharma prepares to take the next steps forward in small molecule and immuno-oncological therapeutics.

Dr. Lander received a B.S. in Biochemistry and a B.A. in Chemistry from State University at Stony Brook in 1987, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences in 1992 and an MBA in Finance from the New York University Stern School of Business in 2001. Dr. Lander has strong experience as both a researcher and administrator, having served in these positions at Cornell University as well as the Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar.

Regen BioPharma's Chairman & CEO David Koos noted "We believe Dr. Lander's extensive professional experience related to biomedical research coupled with his far reaching contacts across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries will be invaluable in enabling us to establish near term collaborations with entities that can support our research growth and clinical trials."

Dr. Lander stated "In my opinion, Regen is at an extremely exciting inflection point. By leveraging the superb science that is ongoing, I expect Regen's pipeline to yield promising treatments in the not too distant future. Working with Regen BioPharma represents a unique opportunity for me given the Company's accomplishments in submitting 2 INDs for stem cell and immuno-oncology therapeutics, as well as possessing issued patents on 2 novel cancer stem cell therapeutic targets, CTCFL (BORIS) and NR2F6. I look forward to working with the excellent team of accomplished scientists and drug developers at Regen and advancing this science into patients."

A spokesperson for the Company noted the addition of Dr. Lander will be accretive to the Company's management team. In addition to working closely with the Company's Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Molecular Therapeutics in coordinating the company's scientific strategy; Dr. Lander will also be involved in the establishment of non-dilutive financial collaborations to further the Company's growth.

About Regen BioPharma, Inc.

Regen BioPharma Inc. is a publicly traded biotechnology company (OTCBB: RGBP) and (OTC PINK: RGBP). The Company seeks to identify undervalued regenerative medicine applications in the immunotherapy and stem cell space. The Company is focused on rapidly advancing these technologies through pre-clinical and Phase I/ II clinical trials. Currently the Company is centering on gene silencing therapy, telomeres and small molecule therapies for treating cancers, along with developing stem cell treatments for aplastic anemia.

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