The antibiotic cadazolid was one of two experimental assets J&J acquired in its $30 billion takeover of Actelion last year.

The deal gives J&J a stake in the development and commercialization of anticoagulants including phase 2-ready secondary stroke candidate BMS-986177.

Apitope hopes to end a 60-year drought in new therapies for thyroid disorder Graves’ disease, which affects 10 million people in the U.S. and Europe.

Blueprint's data shows its BLU-667 caused some tumor shrinkage in 84% of patients with lung or thyroid cancer.

A compound that transforms into an antifungal drug as the body metabolizes it inhibits the progression of bladder cancer in mouse models.

A manufacturing delay has pushed back the start of Lysogene’s pivotal Sanfilippo syndrome trial into the second half of the year.

The IPO comes as the Flagship startup prepares to test its lead inflammatory disease and anticancer microbial strains in humans.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s long and turbulent development of lung cancer drug olmutinib finally came to an end this week.