ProtoKinetix Outlines AAGP™ Values in CEO Interview

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ProtoKinetix (OTCBB: PKTX) (, a biotechnology company that has developed and patented a family of synthetic anti-aging glycopeptides (AAGP™) for medicine, biotechnology and cosmetic industries today issued Question and Answer sessions with Ross L. Senior, CEO of ProtoKinetix regarding the effective uses of the AAGP™ molecule.

Details of the Q and A:

Q: What does ProtoKinetix management believe that is so unique about their AAGP™ molecule?

A: This small, stable molecule is a platform for numerous commercial applications. It has repeatedly demonstrated anti-inflammation properties that can treat a whole array of auto-immune diseases including Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, etc. Containment control or preservation of inflammation is probably the most important health care goal. Current treatments for inflammation are extremely limited and can cause severe side-effects.

Q: How can ProtoKinetix make such a wide sweeping claim?

A: The damage that is done by auto-immune attacks is caused by inflammation. Inflammation causes cell death, which in turn leads to tissue destruction and ultimately organ failure. AAGP™ has demonstrated that it prevents inflammation at the point of origin. Our studies have shown AAGP™ to protect cells from inflammatory stresses.

Q: What does the trade mark AAGP™ stand for?

A: It stands for anti-aging glycopeptides. By virtue of AAGP™ anti-inflammatory qualities, the molecule enhances the health and extends the life of cells, even under highly stressful conditions.

Q: What are highly stressful conditions?

A: Highly stressful conditions are events that initiate an inflammation response from a cell. These events could be toxins, antibodies, pathogens and other forms of hostility.

The Company has tested, and have also independently tested, a wide variety of hostile agents against a large number of different cells types. ProtoKinetix is now in a position to commence testing against specific diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes, Iritis, Dermatitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc. Some of the stressful conditions that ProtoKinetix has tested against are:

  • All bands of ultra violet radiation
  • Oxidative stresses
  • Starvation
  • Cryopreservation
  • Inflammation caused by the direct application of Interleukin 1 Beta

All test provided consistent protective results.

Q: When will testing start on specific diseases?

A: Right now. The Company has laid the ground work by covering the basics. ProtoKinetix is presently in dialogue with laboratories that have the capacity, expertise and credibility to build a convincing array of data that will result in drug development based on this molecule. In addition, we have partnered with a company that is highly respected in the field of formulating topical applications for skin conditions. Using AAGP™ as an active anti-inflammatory ingredient, we will be targeting dermatitis and psoriasis.

Q: It sounds like ProtoKinetix is a long way away from any meaningful revenue. Is this the case?

A: No. The Company’s revenue starts with the signing of a licensing development deal- although the drug for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes may be several years away, the license fees and royalties will start immediately.

Q: Why has recognition of AAGP™ taken so long?

A: It took considerable time to demonstrate the extremely wide range of therapeutic applications. Also, until recently, science and medicine have been focused on the cure as opposed to the effects of the disease, namely inflammation. The health industry today has come to uniformly accept that the priority lies in the successful suppression of inflammation.

Since these recent interviews took place, two major initiatives have commenced. ProtoKinetix has entered into a Joint Venture to produce a non-steroidal topical skin application and has laid the foundation of a research development program for inflammation of the eye.

About ProtoKinetix

ProtoKinetix, Inc. is a biotechnology company that has developed and patented a family of synthetic anti-aging glycopeptides (AAGP™) for medicine and the biotechnology and cosmetic industries. PKTX’s primary focus is on the therapeutic potential for AAGP™ in the treatment of Diabetes, inflammatory diseases, skin protection and anti-aging.

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