Proteomics Innovation Network of Service and Product Providers Formed

Thirteen proteomics service and product providers have formed the Proteomics Innovation Network.

The mission of the Proteomics Innovation Network is to generate "from sample to discovery" solutions in all facets of proteomics, including expression, identification, characterization, interaction and function. Each member organization has complementary expertise, core technologies, and infrastructure to address critical unmet needs in biomarker and drug target discovery, personalized medicine, drug profiling, and selective reaction monitoring.

The Network includes these organizations:

  • ProFACT Proteomics - Functional Proteomics Profiling and Prospecting
  • Norton Scientific - Making Light Work of Your Sizing Needs...
  • Eprogen - Mapping New Dimensions in ProteomicsTM
  • Neolomed Biosciences LLC - Biomarker and Clinical/pre-clinical services for Oncology
  • Focus Proteomics - 2D Electrophoresis Consulting & Contract Services
  • New England Peptide - Custom peptides and polyclonal antibodies
  • Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network - MS Selective Reaction Monitoring
  • Innova Proteomics - CRO protein analyses and identification by mass spectrometry
  • Dualsystems Biotech - Your partner for customized screening solutions
  • NewLibertyProteomics - Unprecedented Drug Discovery and Evaluation Services
  • Horluce BioConsulting - Consultancy focusing on Infectious Diseases and Proteomics
  • Australian Proteome Analysis Facility - CRO protein discovery and quantitation
  • Covaris Inc. - Advanced sample preparation systems for life and analytical sciences

ProFACT Proteomics, Inc., Monmouth Junction NJ, applies enabling proprietary Functional Proteomics technology to the development of therapeutics, biomarkers and personalized medicine, principally for cancer. Through collaboration and service agreements, ProFACT offers four discovery-related platforms: SeraFILETM, for reduction of protein complexity and functional sub-proteome creation; Functional Proteome ProspectingTM, to enrich and isolate functional activity; ConformericsTM, to evaluate drug responsiveness; and Rational Genome to Proteome ProspectingTM, to reconcile gene expression data.

For more information, contact Matthew Kuruc, Tel: 732-230-3021 [email protected], or visit:

Horluce BioConsulting is a French Consultancy Company focusing on Infectious Diseases and Proteomics. Our services consist of five kinds of consultancy acts from the writing to the R&D project described as follows:

      Writing services : from publishable reviews to specifications

      International Services: From presentation of your products and services to Scientific presentation of your results.

      Technical advices: From reagents to Equipments.

      R&D projects: Infectious Diseases (HCV, Dengue virus, Norovirus...), Discovery of new therapeutic targets by proteomic tools.

      Biosafety: towards an international standardization.

For more information: contact: [email protected] Phone: 33 2 72 65 96 85

Eprogen is a bioanalytical chemistry company specializing in the development of high resolution 1D and 2D HPLC based protein separation and analysis tools, protocols and consumables for use in proteomics applications and in complex protein expression analysis - ProteoSep Technology.  We supply Consumables and Separation Protocols for Application Development and we offer Custom Separation and Protein Lysate Microarray Biochips Printing Services for Clients for use in Serological Assays and Antibody Screening.

For more information: contact: Tim Barder ([email protected]) Phone: 630-963-1481 or visit our website

Dualsystems Biotech is a CRO located in Zurich, Switzerland. Dualsystems' screening platforms enable the identification of small molecule - target interactions in any cellular setting at unparalleled speed, sensitivity and cost. Dualsystems helps its clients accelerate their drug development by providing real-time information about drugs, their targets, mechanism of action and downstream cellular effects. Dualsystems offers three screening platforms: Drug profiling service for the identification of drug targets, CaptivateTM for protein complex and pathway analysis and DUALhybridTM/ DUALmembraneTM for protein interaction discovery. For more information, contact Mandana Rezwan, Tel: +41 (0) 44 738 50 00 [email protected]

NEP, founded in 1998, designs and produces custom peptides and polyclonal antibodies for drug, diagnostic and vaccine discovery organizations worldwide. Headquartered in the Boston metro area in Gardner, Mass., the company's chemists and immunological experts specialize in delivering a full range of services for biotech and pharmaceutical applications. For more information, please contact: John Antognoni, Proteomics Manager | New England Peptide | 888-343-5974 | [email protected] |

About New Liberty Proteomics Corporation, Frankfort, KY, USA. NLP inaugurates their Unprecedented Approaches to Drug Discovery and Development.  Following a decade of private development, NLP Methods encompass Target Development, Primary and Orthogonal Lead Screening, in vitro Discovery of Efficacy, Side Effects and Toxicity, Repositioning and Biomarker Development.  NLP's patent-pending methods assess Target and non-Target interactions under conditions of any relevant bio-complexity.    Please contact NLP at [email protected]

Norton Scientific:

Based in the Niagara Region of Canada, Norton has been established to take the knowledge & experience of the founders dating back 20+ years in the analysis of complex macromolecular & nano-particulate materials to design innovative measurement tools for use in modern research facilities. For more details, please contact Bryan Webb at [email protected], +1 905-562-9650 or visit

Innova Proteomics:

Innova Proteomics is Contract Research Organization based in Rennes, France and providing protein analyses and identification by mass spectrometry for research, therapeutics, cosmetics, agro & natural products. Innova proteomics offers protein & antibodies characterization (purity, sequencing, glycosylation, phosphorylation.....), Biomarker discovery (gel based & gel free differential approaches), systematic proteomics, drug discovery (natural peptides drug discovery platform).

For more information: Nathalie Melaine, PhD, Phone : +33 2 23 23 52 80,

NeoloMed BioSciences is a CLIA and CAP accredited, clinical diagnostic laboratory based in central New Jersey. Our services include both preclinical research applications as well as clinical services.

Our clinical services range from routine patient testing with a focus on oncology-related indications, to more specialized testing (custom designed and validated for our clients). Our pre-clinical services include, but are not limited to: flow cytometry (phenotyping, apoptosis, cell-cycle analysis and mix lymphocyte reaction), immunoassays, hematopoietic stem cell toxicity assays, and angiogenesis assays.  We also have the capability to expand our available testing if further research is warranted. Our customers include physicians and their patients, hospitals and managed care plans, pharmaceutical  and biotechnology companies, and contract clinical research organizations (CROs).  For more information, contact Faribourz Payvandi, Ph.D.,, 732-274-9450, [email protected]


APAF Ltd, is a division of Bioplatforms Australia (Sydney, Australia), a proteomics CRO specializing in protein discovery and quantitation as well as Glycan analysis of therapeutic proteins/fusion proteins and antibodies. We also offer Amino Acid analysis and Edman sequencing for the food and Biotech industries. More recently free amino acids in metabolic studies have been offered.

Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network (OCBN):

The OCBN (Toronto, Canada) is a leading, not-for-profit, provider of biomarker research services to the academic and biopharmaceutical sectors.  With services ranging from specimen banking, to proteomic and genomic analyses, to bioinformatics and modeling of complex datasets, the OCBN has constructed a research services platform to enable the discovery and development of biomarkers to enhance diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of deadly diseases.

Focus Proteomics offers consulting and contract services in sample fractionation and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DGE).  Focus Proteomics scientists have provided training courses in sample fractionation and 2DGE at the Harvard School of Public Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Charles River Laboratories.  The company's focus is on developing upstream methods to enhance the utility of gel-based proteomics with emphasis on Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) using combinatorial peptide ligand libraries (CPLLs) and other affinity enrichment schemes.  New products include theKUMASI colloidal gel stain and the iFOCUS IEF System to be launched in Fall 2011. Focus Proteomics also offers sample fractionation schemes coupling Rotophor IEF with one-and two-dimensional PAGE. Visit

About Covaris, Inc.

Covaris, Inc. provides advanced sample preparation systems for life and analytical sciences. Our sample prep technologies support a wide variety of applications including proteomics, next-generation DNA sequencing, ChIP, and compound management. Our patented Adaptive Focused Acoustic (AFA) technology brings unsurpassed speed and efficiency to biological and chemical sample preparation. The AFA process, based on shock wave physics, delivers controlled, precise, and accurate acoustic energy to biological and chemical samples. Information about Covaris is available at Contact: Brian Paras, 781 932-3959 x206, [email protected]

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