Promosome raises $4.1M in Series C; Genzyme returns MA incentive cash;

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> A wave of impatience is crashing on the drug discovery and development business. From the U.S. Chief Executive down to individual patients, the drug public wants results: new treatments, better than today's. Editorial

> Promosome has raised $4.1 million in a Series C. The biotech is working on technology developed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Gerald Edelman, Dr. Vincent Mauro and their colleagues at The Scripps Research Institute. Promosome release

> Genzyme and two other life science companies have returned $6.6 million to the state of Massachusetts after failing to create all the jobs that they had planned. Report

Xconomy reports that Bristol-Myers Squibb plans to keep the Seattle staffers and facilities picked up in its recent deal to acquire ZymoGenetics. Story

And Finally... Purdue University researchers have reproduced portions of the female breast in a tiny slide-sized model dubbed "breast on-a-chip" that will be used to test nanomedical approaches for the detection and treatment of breast cancer. Purdue release