Press Release: Lentigen Corporation and Wave Biotech Announce Formation of Collaboration

Lentigen Corporation and Wave Biotech Announce Formation of Collaboration BALTIMORE and SOMERSET, N.J., January 25, 2007 -- Lentigen Corporation and Wave Biotech, LLC announced today that they have entered into a collaboration under which Wave Biotech will provide process and equipment expertise for Lentigen's manufacturing platform based on its proprietary lentiviral vector technology. The highly efficient gene delivery properties of lentiviral vectors significantly reduce the cost, time and risk involved in biologics manufacturing. Wave's key products feature disposable contact materials that eliminate cleaning and validation, thereby further reducing costs in operations and drastically reducing the time-to-market for biological products. "This is one of the many partnerships that we are forging to develop our lentiviral vector platform. We're excited to have Wave Biotech as one of our partners," said Dr. Boro Dropulic, founder and CEO of Lentigen. Daniella Kranjac, VP Sales & Marketing of Wave Biotech, LLC commented, "As the leader in disposable bioreactors and supporting instrumentation, the Wave Biotech product line offers Lentigen an ideal platform technology for their production and contract manufacturing needs." About Lentiviral Vectors Lentiviral vectors (LV) are vehicles that can deliver genes or RNAi into cells with up to 100% efficiency and stability. Previous viral vector systems such as non-viral, adenoviral and adeno-associated viral vectors could achieve high, but not stable gene delivery into cells. Other vectors such as murine retroviral vectors can deliver genes stably, but not efficiently. Gene delivery is accomplished by the binding and fusing of the LV pseudotyped envelope protein to the target cell membrane. The LV RNA containing the gene or gene silencing sequence is then incorporated into the cell via reverse transcription creating a DNA complex. This complex enters the nucleus incorporating into the chromosomal DNA creating a stable molecule. The gene sequence is integrated in the chromosome and is copied along with the DNA during ongoing cell division. About Lentigen Corporation Lentigen Corporation is a privately owned biotechnology company focused on the manufacturing and development of lentiviral vectors using its proprietary gene delivery technology for a wide range of applications in biotechnology and medicine. Lentiviral vectors are highly adapted delivery vehicles that can transport genes or gene silencing sequences into cells with high efficiency and stability. Lentigen is positioning itself to become the leading provider of lentiviral vector products and services for academic, government, biotechnology and pharmaceutical researchers. For further information, visit About Wave Biotech Wave Biotech is a research-based company that develops and manufactures innovative process equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company's focus is on developing disposable bioprocessing equipment. Key products, such as the Wave Bioreactor(R), WaveMixer(R), FlexMixer(R), and Sterile Tube Fuser, feature disposable contact materials that eliminate cleaning and validation, thereby reducing costs in operations ranging from cell culture, media preparation, and buffer dissolution and thawing process intermediates to patient specific cell therapy in hospitals. These unique, patented devices can be installed and commissioned rapidly, thereby drastically reducing the time-to-market for biological products. For additional information, visit: