PRESS RELEASE: Biotech Firm Telomolecular Will Build $43 Million Facility to Focus on Human Aging

Biotech Firm Telomolecular Will Build $43 Million Facility to Focus on Human Aging

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. -- Telomolecular Corporation ( announced today its plans to build a 140,000 sq. ft. facility budgeted at $43 million dollars in West Baton Rouge Parish ( Louisiana. The multi-purpose center will be the location of 20 (twenty) biotechnology and research companies dedicated to pharmaceutical development and the study of therapies to address age-related disease and human aging. The facility will also be home to a regional workforce initiative designed to support laboratory technician education and professional training.

David Dollar, Vice President of Sales for Telomolecular, comments, "The 21st century will see tremendous discoveries in medical approaches to address aging and age-related disease. When technology companies cluster, exciting things happen. The purpose of this project is to pool companies with like missions, talent, and focus on human aging to accelerate impending advances in this exciting field of science. We have seen this strategy work in research parks throughout the U.S. and are confident it will work in West Baton Rouge."

Dollar continues, "We are dedicated to building one of the most competitive biotech workforce training initiatives in the country. It will not only support the firms at the facility, but the entire region's biotech community. To strengthen this project's success, we are committed to launching strategic partnerships that will benefit the community's immediate interests as well as the local economy."

Deborah Biggs, Executive Director for West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce ( comments, "We believe this project offers tremendous economic development opportunities for the West Baton Rouge and the region. We look forward to working with Telomolecular on this opportunity."

The company will be announcing its site selection and development team in the coming weeks.