Pozen gets $25M milestone from AstraZeneca; Urine test could detect kidney injuries;

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> AstraZeneca has paid Pozen $25 million in milestone payments for marketing and pricing in the UK for its arthritis drug Vimovo. Item

> Researchers have developed a urine test they believe could help detect acute kidney injuries. The test checks monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, which stimulates immune cells and has been found in lupus patients' urine and rheumatoid arthritis patients' joints. Release

> Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center director and chief executive David Ho Da-i recently told a Hong Kong medical conference that his team is working on an HIV vaccine. And if everything goes well, Ho says the team will perform more animal and human clinical trials over the next two years in an effort to eventually get the vaccine to market. Article

> In an effort to combat dengue fever, scientists have released 3 million genetically altered male mosquitos in the Cayman Islands. The mosquitos, engineered by Oxytec, will mate with female mosquitos on the islands and the larvae will die before hatching. Researchers hope the drop in population will equate with a drop in dengue. Item

> Medical innovation at the Cleveland Clinic has long been a shiny spot within the Rust Belt, with new devices and treatments constantly being tested and developed. And the Clinic has released a top 10 list, highlighting the work of some of the best medical and biotech talent in the Midwest. Story

> Indiana aims to recycle pharma layoff victims. Story

And Finally... A look at the late-stage vaccine pipeline. Report