Poll shows support for Democrats' stem cell agenda

All eyes are on Washington D.C. as Democrats regain control of Congress today, and one of the incoming party's top priorities will be making easier for Americans to buy cheaper prescription drugs from other countries. An Associated Press-AOL News poll found that 69 percent of respondents support legislation that would makes these inexpensive drugs easier to acquire. "Importing prescription drugs to the United States is illegal, but the FDA generally does not bar individuals from bringing in small amounts for personal use," explains the AP. Some medications cost significantly less in other countries than they do in the United States; however, officials don't think that this will force down the price of prescription drugs in the United States. To a lesser degree, the poll found that Americans also support the Democrat's plan to relieve restrictions on federal stem cell research funding. In July President Bush used his first-ever veto to reject a bill on embryonic stem-cell research that would have lifted the 2001 ban on public funding of stem cell research. Democrats plan to revive the issue, which could force the Presdident to veto the bill again. Last time this bill was vetoed House lawmakers were unable to override his veto, falling just two votes short of the two-thirds majority it needed. The new Democratic majority promises to have a significant impact on the issue of federal funding for stem cell research. For more on the poll: - read this AP


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