PERTH, Australia I July 25, 2013 I Phylogica Ltd (ASX: PYC, XETRA: PH7) a leading Australian peptide drug discovery company, announces a collaboration with Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBST) to evaluate several of its antimicrobial Phylomers in models of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections.

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with one of the world's leading developers of antimicrobial drugs," said Phylogica's Chief Scientific Officer Dr Paul Watt. "Through this collaboration, we hope that Phylogica's antimicrobial Phylomers will support Cubist's ongoing work to discover and develop new antibiotics to address the growing global health threat of antibiotic resistance. In Phylogica's own assays, these antimicrobials have shown activity against multi-resistant isolates of Gramnegative organisms, which are a major cause of deaths from hospital acquired infections of burn wounds".

About Phylomer® Peptides

Phylomer peptides are derived from biodiverse natural sequences, which have been selected by evolution to form stable structures, which can bind tightly, and specifically to disease associated target proteins, both inside and outside cells. Suitable targets for blockade by Phylomers include protein interactions that promote multiple diseases, such as infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmunity and heart disease. Phylomer peptides can have drug-like properties, including specificity, potency and thermal stability, and are capable of being produced by synthetic or recombinant manufacturing processes. Phylomer peptides are also readily formulated for administration by a number of means, including parenteral or intranasal delivery approaches.

About Phylogica

Phylogica Limited (ASX: PYC) is a biotechnology company based in Perth, Australia with a world-class drug discovery platform harnessing the rich biodiversity of nature to discover novel peptide therapeutics. The Company was incorporated in 2001 as a spin out from the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research (Perth, Australia) and the Fox Chase Cancer Centre (Philadelphia, USA). The Company's drug discovery platform is based on its proprietary Phylomer® libraries containing over 400 billion unique natural peptides, which have been optimised by evolutionary selection to have stable drug-like structures. Phylogica offers fully integrated drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical industry utilising its Phylomer® libraries and proprietary screening technologies. Its current partners include Genentech (a member of the Roche Group), MedImmune (the worldwide biologics arm of AstraZeneca), Pfizer and Janssen.

SOURCE: Phylogica