Phosplatin Therapeutics Appoints José Jimeno, M.D., PhD As Chief Medical Officer

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Phosplatin Therapeutics today announced the appointment of José Jimeno, M.D., PhD as its Chief Medical Officer, effective May 1st, 2015.

Dr. Jimeno is best known for his leadership in the integrated development of Yondelis® (trabectedin), which is approved in 80 countries for the treatment of ovarian cancer and / or sarcoma. As Director of Clinical R&D, and later VP of Clinical and Scientific Development at PharmaMar (Madrid, Spain), Dr. Jimeno was also instrumental in licensing the US rights for Yondelis® to Janssen (Johnson and Johnson), and the Japan rights to Taiho Pharmaceutical, and in launching the respective developmental studies in the US and Japan. He was also involved in the development of Aplidine® (plitidepsin), which is currently completing a pivotal Phase III study for multiple myeloma. His previous drug development experience includes roles at Farmitalia Carlo Erba and US Biosciences, where he worked on the approval of agents in other drug classes, such as anthracyclines, hormone therapies, and antimetabolites. Most recently, Dr. Jimeno served as co-founder and CEO of Pangaea Biotech (Barcelona, Spain), a cancer diagnostics company focused on personalized medicine. Dr. Jimeno is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles on cancer research.

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