Pfizer pursued Genentech employee for R&D spot

According to a new report in Forbes, Pfizer went after Genentech wunderkind Susan Desmond-Heller to head up its new biomedical research operations. Desmond-Heller, who's had a head-turning run of success with Genentech's
cancer therapies, turned them down, and Pfizer ended up picking company
insider Martin Mackay to run the world's largest drug R&D operation.

As for Mackay, he's proclaiming that a new day has dawned in R&D. Mackay says he's already been hacking away at the undergrowth of middle managers (note to the ambitious: steer clear of any job title with "middle manager" in it) and has freed scientists to do science and let them relate directly to senior executives. What kind of impact is that likely to have on the annual corporate retreat?

- check out this WSJ report for more
- see Pfizer's original release on the appointment

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