Perplexity on injection use for knee arthritis cure

July 16, 2012, USA ( A recent Meta analysis investigation showed that the use of hyaluronic acid containing injections for the treatment purpose of patients suffering from knee arthritis does not result in effective therapeutic outcomes. The injections containing the lubricating compound hyaluronic acid have been approved long before in 1997 in the U.S. for treatment of only knee arthritis. The therapeutic approach of using these injections, which are directed into the afflicted joint area in arthritic individuals, is called as viscosupplementation. The study took into account around 89 clinical trials reviews from the past and found that the viscosupplementation technique showed some relief to only a few patients overall. But, the data from approximately 18 wider clinical trials proved that the approach of injections resulted in some clinical adverse effects like inflammation of joints and swelling of joints in patients soon after the ingestion. Dr. Peter Juni, one of the research investigators of the study claimed that the evidence of viscosupplementation proving effective is still not clear but, its link with aggravation of various adverse side effects is established. And, hence the researchers of the current study said that the use of this technique in knee arthritis patients should be down cast, due to its minimal beneficial effects on knee aching and increased adverse effects. Dr. Joseph Bosco, from the New York Medical Center said that the use of injections is quite efficient in relieving the pain in patients suffering from mild or less severe arthritis pain. He also said that the Meta analysis study conducted in this regard is not an appropriate clinical approach for determining the effectiveness of the use of injection in knee arthritis patients. While, another researcher claimed that viscosupplementation is one of the cheap and effective approaches for controlling knee pain in at least some of the arthritic individuals. 4th lane, Fontana, California, USA-92337