We kick off a new long form series assessing the life science industry from its leaders with ex-Teva chief Jeremy Levin.

The goal is to use Dicerna’s GalXC technology to silence previously inaccessible drug targets, thereby restoring liver function.

PureTech affiliate Vedanta Biosciences announced a partnership to create immune-boosting cancer therapies that capitalize on the gut microbiome.

The candidate is designed to induce production of relaxin, a hormone seen as a way to regulate the conditions that exacerbate heart failure.

Science Exchange is providing its R&D service marketplace to QB3, the University of California incubator for life sciences startups.

Five Prime Therapeutics has tapped into its existing management to replace current president and CEO Rusty Williams.

Forge Therapeutics and Evotec have launched a discovery platform to develop novel antibiotics targeting metalloenzymes.

A back-loaded deal with CureVac moves Lilly into an emerging field that seeks to use mRNA to guide immune attacks on tumors.

Roche will pay up to $387 million to license certain classes from the more than 100 groups of possibly novel antibiotics Warp Drive is analyzing.