Particle Sciences, Celanese EVA collaborate for drug eluting device combinations

Particle Sciences and Celanese EVA Performance Polymers, a supplier of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) into pharmaceutical applications, have entered into collaboration to streamline the development of drug eluting devices.

Particle Sciences and Celanese EVA Performance Polymers are working to provide Particle Sciences with preferred access to VitalDose EVA polymer in early stage projects.

Particle Sciences New Technologies director Andrew Loxley said with combination products, devices that deliver drugs, there are multiple parties involved including the innovator, the API supplier, the development group and the polymer supplier.

Celanese EVA Performance Polymers Marketing Development manager Jamie Beggs said their VitalDose brand delivers the performance required for pharma applications combined with in-depth technical expertise regulatory knowledge.

"With their capabilities in prototyping, characterization, experience with controlled and highly potent substances and cGMP facilities, they have consistently delivered innovation to our customers," Beggs said.

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