Outcomes Measurement Leader launches QOLIX®, First-of-Its-Kind Quality of Life Measurement System

Outcomes Measurement Leader launches QOLIX®, First-of-Its-Kind Quality of Life Measurement System

WORCESTER, September 4, 2012 -- John Ware Research Group, Inc.,(JWRG), a leading health outcomes company, announces the launch of QOLIX, a patent pending Quality of Life Measurement Information System, a new, web-based patient-centered measurement application designed to improve the measurement of patient outcomes and to make them more usable in patient-centered care, outcomes monitoring, clinical trials, patient registries, predictive outcomes, and population health studies.

QOLIX is the field's first patient reported outcomes (PRO) system to offer integrated generic and disease-specific assessments developed and evaluated together to provide more information about a patient's condition resulting in improved interpretation.

"We are pleased to be advancing the PRO field with the introduction of QOLIX. It offers "one-stop shopping " for the Researcher/Clinician who needs a brief but accurate patient assessment, real-time norm-based scoring, and clinical reports to provide support for clinical decision making, comparative effectiveness research, and evidence for clinical trials" said John E. Ware, Jr., PhD, JWRG's Founder and Chief Science Officer and globally recognized inventor of the PRO field.

Complaints from patients and respondents about survey length and "duplicative-sounding" questions are a thing of the past with QOLIX which uses a new Adaptive Survey Logic™, (ASLX®) process and CAT, a computerized adaptive testing methodology long used in educational testing to tailor the question administered based upon a respondent's answer. On average, a 50% reduction in respondent burden is achieved in comparison to static forms still used in many studies today. Additionally, clinicians are eager to test survey completion compliance rates when a patient can complete the assessment at home or on any web-enabled tablet or handheld device.

QOLIX is a feature rich, real-time, always-on SaaS application designed in response to clinician and researcher feedback coupled with leveraged breakthroughs in outcomes measurement science and current technology. Its workflow-driven user interface allows the sponsor to be in control of their study, from pre-study design customization through exporting results all in real-time. QOLIX also offers a flexible API allowing integration into hospital EHRs, other clinical records, clinical trials, or other PRO systems.

"Offering more choices to study sponsors significantly reduces research costs in a number of ways. With QOLIX's library of 35 conditions, sponsors no longer have to develop costly disease-specific PRO's or hire third-party vendors to program paper surveys. Sponsors now have access to a scientifically-valid system which offers great flexibility, thanks to technological advances embedded in the application" said Rosemarie Boulanger, JWRG's President.

Currently, PRO's are used most frequently in clinical trials for seeking FDA approval for label claims for certain drugs or medical devices regarding quality of life improvements. They are also widely used by clinicians as clinical decision support tools for a variety of conditions. For example, clinicians review patients' PRO scores and if there is an unanticipated shift in that patient's PRO score, the doctor may schedule an appointment or refer the patient to another specialist. In many cases PRO assessments are mandated by CMS (Medicare) for dialysis reimbursement and other costly procedures. PROs are also used in pre- and post- quality of life assessments in total joint replacements and large patient registries.

The QOLIX system is available only for scholarly research studies in the U.S and available for all purposes elsewhere.

Information about QOLIX can be found at qolix.com
Information about John Ware Research Group, Inc. can be found at jwrginc.com

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