Onyx’s carfilzomib medication gets thumbs up from FDA

25 July 2012, Australia (Kamagrarx.co): A multiple myeloma medication called carfilzomib, which is manufactured by the Onyx pharmaceutical company has got an approval by the advisory group of the Food and Drug administration (FDA). The pharmaceutical company has attempted for a risk in achieving an approval of its drug only on the basis of mid-stage study information obtained through a single-arm investigation. And, the undisputed approval of the drug from the FDA is believed to clear a major hurdle of the drug company. Despite being the reports of drug acquainted with a host of serious risks, the doubtful benefit of the drug's use and the death of 5 patients; the drug managed to get a vote of 11 - 0 paving its way to a successful victory in approval of the drug. It is believed that all the side effects associated with the drug failed to outweigh its use as a therapeutic remedy with great potential in aiding various cancer patients, who had all the doors closed with regards to their treatment. The approval of the drug by FDA clearly states that they are satisfied with the mid-stage data provided by the drug company based on the proteasome inhibitor, since the officials had the chance to wait till the late-stage study results are obtained and match them with the current phase II clinical studies. Onyx is still not out of the FDA's court, as its officials has shed a bright light on their views pertaining to the severity of the toxic effects of the drug and also questioned the drug manufacturers about the warranted exposure of the patient to the drug treatment in the study, which showed a 22% decrease in the tumor on the intake of the drug. The approval of the drug on the basis of their phase II clinical data has opened doors for the development of more cancer drugs based on their case II study. Kamagrarx.co 100 Railway Street Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA- 2766 For more: http://www.kamagrarx.co http://www.kamagrarx.co/kamagra-jelly.html