OncoGenex, Isis report Phase II success

OncoGenex and collaborator Isis Pharmaceuticals say that in a Phase II trial, OGX-011, in combination with either docetaxel or mitoxantrone, was well-tolerated as a second-line treatment for patients with prostate cancer. In addition, the trials demonstrated ongoing survival rates better than results published with chemotherapy alone.

"These data show that the combination of OGX-011 with docetaxel or mitoxantrone may improve treatment outcomes in second-line prostate cancer," said Dr. Fred Saad, the primary investigator in the study. "The data also suggests that re-treatment with docetaxel when combined with OGX-011 may reverse chemotherapy resistance in second-line docetaxel re-treatment." The results were presented at the 2008 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium. Planning is underway for a Phase III study utilizing chemotherapy plus OGX-011 as second-line therapy in patients progressing after a first-line docetaxel regimen.

- see OncoGenex's release for more

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