Offering answers to some tough clinical trial questions

What kind of R&D organization do you need to reach proof-of-concept data? Should you aim for killer experiments? How do you reach a consensus on clinical trial decisions? What's the best way to structure an adaptive clinical trial? What's the most efficient way to recruit the patients you need? How should you prioritize your goals for Phase I and Phase II trials?

Getting the right answers to those questions can spell the difference between success and failure in biotechnology. And those are just a few of the subjects we'll be taking on in tomorrow's online webinar focusing on practical ideas for designing the most efficient clinical trials. If you haven't had a chance to check out our panel of experts, click here to look over the bios of Neil Bodick, Ken Getz, Royce Morrison and Barbara Tardiff, who will offer some practical ideas on the topic for experienced drug developers.

Our group of experts will be on hand at 2 p.m. EST Tuesday. You can register here. And one quick note to readers: We'll be running our Emerging Drug Developer profile in tomorrow's issue. - John Carroll