Nuvilex Enters $21.5 Billion Stem Cell Arena Through SG Austria Acquisition

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) announced its plans to continue development of the live-cell encapsulation technology obtained with its recent acquisition of SG Austria, to carry out the pancreatic cancer clinical trial, to maintain and expand customers utilizing the encapsulation technology, and to establish itself as an active participant in the stem cell arena. The stem cell market was estimated to be $21.5 billion globally in 2010 and is forecast to reach $63.8 billion by 2015.

Efforts to advance the potential of stem cells for treatment of numerous serious, debilitating, and deadly diseases have been ongoing for many years, but to date success has been limited due to several challenges inherent with stem cell use including:

  • maintenance of stem cell characteristics,
  • keeping stem cells alive for significant periods of time,
  • rejection and destruction by the recipient’s immune system, and
  • migration of the stem cells to unwanted sites.

The live-cell encapsulation technology developed by SG Austria addresses these problems.

Cells encapsulated in SG Austria’s porous cotton-based beads remain alive for long periods of time in humans, surviving intact for at least two years. Once encapsulated, cells are protected from the body’s immune system. Furthermore, encapsulated cells remain within the beads and do not migrate out of the beads to other sites in the body. These properties were substantiated in the previously reported pancreatic cancer clinical trials that employed human embryonic kidney (HEK 293) cells. Preclinical research employing human stem cells performed by SG Austria since the pancreatic cancer clinical trial confirmed these advantageous live-cell encapsulation technology properties.

Chief Executive for Nuvilex, Dr. Robert F. Ryan, stated, “We are extremely impressed and gratified by the accomplishments of SG Austria prior to and since its acquisition by Nuvilex. This is especially true concerning application of the live-cell encapsulation technology for stem cells. The potential of its use for the treatment of a myriad of diseases is exciting. Significant opportunities to aid patients in oncology, cardiology, neurology, and endocrine diseases exist in the stem cell arena and we aim to help it come to fruition. We believe our live-cell encapsulation technology can make significant contributions to the effectiveness and safety of therapies in these areas and Nuvilex plans to become a major contributor in the development of stem cell therapies.”

Nuvilex is:

an innovative biotechnology and natural products company. Recent acquisitions include a treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer acquired from SG Austria, the world’s leading live-cell encapsulation company. The pancreatic cancer treatment is being readied for additional clinical trials and significant advances are in progress with the live-cell-encapsulation technology. Current natural products include Gluten-Free Cinnergen™, Cinnechol™, and Cinnsational™ to enhance a healthy lifestyle; Talsyn™ and NumaDerm™ for cosmetic use; Reme-Flu™, Legacy Biotechnologies’ flu combating regimen; Virgin® and Infinitink®, heavy-metal-free tattoo inks; and additional developments are planned for Citroxin™ and Oraphyte™, Nuvilex’s antimicrobial and antinematodal agents.

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