Numerate Forms Drug Discovery Collaboration with Merck to Utilize Numerate's In Silico Drug Design Technology

SAN BRUNO, Calif.--Numerate, Inc., a technology platform company that is leveraging proprietary algorithms and the power of cloud computing to transform the drug design process, announced today that it has entered into a research collaboration with Merck, through a subsidiary. The collaboration will utilize Numerate's proprietary in silicodrug design technology to generate novel small molecule drug leads for an undisclosed cardiovascular disease target.

"We are pleased to add Merck, a recognized leader in drug discovery innovation, to our growing number of pharmaceutical collaborators," stated Numerate chief executive officer Guido Lanza. "This collaboration is focused on increasing the speed, cost-efficiency and likelihood of generating new small molecule drug leads through the use of our large-scale computational drug design methods."

Numerate's drug design platform features a set of proprietary algorithms that provide predictive models for molecular properties with accuracies comparable to laboratory testing. Used in conjunction with cloud computing, these algorithms enable Numerate scientists to search through spaces of billions of compounds to rapidly and efficiently identify those with the highest probability of activity against a specific target.

About Numerate

Numerate is a privately held biotechnology company pioneering new computational methods for making the drug design process more data-driven, efficient and predictable. Numerate'sin silico drug design platform combines proprietary algorithms and cloud computing with traditional medicinal chemistry approaches to address, in parallel, the factors that determine the success and failure of a drug candidate. Numerate applies this proprietary platform to design and develop small molecule therapeutics in collaboration with a variety of partners in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic fields. For more information, please visit (corporate site) and (technical site).


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