NICE approves some and disapproves other clinical drugs

30 June 2012, Australia ( In an overall authorization of five clinical medications, three of them have been sanctioned; while the remaining two have been condemned by NICE (National Institutes of Health and Clinical Excellence) for use in England and Wales. NICE is an independent government regulatory body or organization that decides the availability of drugs and treatment measures on the NHS (National Health Service). This agency is found to carry out the drug evaluation and then prescribes to the NHS on the basis of its cost and affordability. The drugs that got the approval of NICE include the new use of Allergan’s Botox, a prostate cancer drug from Johnson & Johnson called Zytiga and Roche’s Tarceva, for use in certain lung cancer patients. While, the drugs that have been disagreed by the agency include GlaxoSmithKline’s Tyverb and Herceptin from Roche pharmaceuticals, both of which have been turned down for use in certain breast cancer patients. Traceva has been approved for treatment of patients suffering from metastatic or locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and tested positive for mutation of EGFR. While, Botox is approved to relieve migraine pain in patients not achieving the desired results with other treatment options. While, Zytiga is approved to be used along with Prednisolone remedial approaches for curing metastatic prostate cancer that is castration-resistant and which has undergone advancement either during or after the therapy associated with docetaxel. The regulatory body in the case of the two breast cancer drugs Herceptin and Tyverb claimed that the use of both the drugs as an enhanced first line treatment was not better than the current available medications. And, since they were not available at cheaper rates as compared to other available medications, their approval was automatically subject to rejection. Herceptin has been already approved by NICE for the treatment of late stage breast cancer. 100 Railway Street Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA- 2766 For more: