New Pall GeneDisc® System For Rapid Microbiological Monitoring Solution In Beer Production

New Pall GeneDisc® System For Rapid Microbiological Monitoring Solution In Beer Production


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Pall Corporation announced today that it has launched a quick, easy and affordable test for beer-spoilage microorganisms based on its

Utilizing real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, Pall's GeneDisc test provides a fast, reliable and user-friendly detection method to identify typical bacteria that are known to spoil beer. The system yields consistently repeatable results and virtually eliminates operator error. Test results from a beer sample are available after enrichment and DNA isolation within one hour.

"For the first time, the benefits of PCR technology are available to brewers for routine, day-to-day use," said Jonathan Pratt, president, Pall Food and Beverage. "The new GeneDisc system offers breweries an extremely easy-to-use and rapid test method to better ensure that products at every stage of the production process are free of spoilage organisms."

The Pall GeneDisc system features an exceptionally robust PCR platform combined with ready-to-use GeneDisc test plates. Using the GeneDisc plate for beer-spoilage bacteria, the system simultaneously screens for the presence or absence of 20 critical beer-spoilage bacteria, including the relevant species of beer-spoilage groups

With its intuitive touch-screen interface, built-in software and barcode reader, the system enables minimally trained personnel to routinely perform sophisticated biological sample testing for rapid decision-making. The flexible GeneDisc system also helps optimize work flow and offers the capability to process multiple samples simultaneously.

Learn more about the GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System and the Beer Spoilage Plate at the , an international gathering of brewing industry professionals, July 28-31, 2012 in Portland, Oregon, booth # 855.

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