New Jersey loses 800 jobs; Giaconda halts trial;

> New Jersey is losing 800 jobs as Schering-Plough, J&J and Abbott cut some positions and shift others to different states. Layoff report

> ULURU has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Bio Med Sciences for $10 million. Release

> Giaconda Limited has suspended a Phase IIa trial of Hepaconda for hepatitis C. Release

> RNA experts at UT Southwestern have advanced their research into the way synthetic strands of RNA can be used to control gene expression. Report

> Stanford University School of Medicine researchers say they have found a new molecule that kills kidney cancer cells. Report

> The many makers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics--which include well-known and frequently prescribed meds Cipro (Bayer) and Levaquin (J&J)--are getting stronger warnings. Report

> Stringent epilepsy drug black-box labeling is likely to worry consumers and drug manufacturers alike, and will bring the total of drugs with a suicide risk warning up to about 35. Report

> Attempts to control unlawful Internet sales of legitimate, though controlled, medications have been a bit successful but illicit sales remain a major problem. Report

And Finally... A group of Japanese chemists have created a DNA molecule using almost all artificial parts--a breakthrough that may soon offer medical researchers a powerful new tool to work with. Report