Fred Ganjian, Vice President of Sales for Bryant Ranch Prepack (BRP), announced the first of its kind total pharmaceutical tracking program, from the manufacturer to the doctor. Information on every step of the process for delivering pharmaceuticals is now available online by scanning the bar code on any bottle of Bryant Ranch Prepack prescription medications.

E-Pedigree is a computerized online program for identifying everyone that touches a prepack prescription from the time the pharmaceutical is made until the time it is given to a patient. Bootlegged, re-labeled and otherwise illicit drugs have long been a problem to the Food and Drug Administration. E-Pedigree eliminates this problem by furnishing doctors with a program managed by that keeps track of each step of the distribution process and requires identification and sign-off by each person involved in handling the medications.

Bryant Ranch Prepack, a leader in the prepack pharmaceutical industry, is the first to adopt this program for all medications. "We are seven years ahead of the California Board of Pharmacy regulations date requiring this type of tracking," said Ganjian. "This is an important breakthrough in insuring the efficacy of medications we supply our physician customers. This program gives our physician customers an edge over pharmacies and insures patient safety."

Each Bryant Ranch Prepack prepacked prescription has a bar code and Bryant Ranch Prepack provides scanners for each physician customer. By scanning the BRP bar code on the website all of the information is made available to the prescribing doctor, both before the pharmaceutical is received at BRP and after it is received, packaged and shipped. The BRP bar code also interfaces with electronic billing and EHR programs.

Ganjian also said, "This new program involves significant time and money, which BRP will absorb, but it is so important to the safety of prescription drugs that we can not do without it. No prescriptions should be sold without this information being available to the physician."