New Cellectis video showcases allogeneic CAR-T tech; AbbVie reports fresh advance with hep C combo;

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@JohnCFierce: Cool new video on Cellectis's allogeneic approach to T cells. It looks so easy... Watch | Follow @JohnCFierce

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> The race to develop the world's best CAR-T therapy for cancer has inspired some fancy marketing efforts on behalf of some of the leaders in the field. Case in point: France's Cellectis, which is developing an R&D hub in Manhattan, has unveiled a cool new 2-minute video which illustrates how it plans to use TALEN gene editing tech to create allogeneic, or off-the-shelf, engineered T cell treatments. Keep in mind, though, that while Cellectis's approach has helped inspire a big IPO for the company, the company is also quick to acknowledge that it's only be tried in animals so far. The first human study lies ahead. Video

> AbbVie ($ABBV) reported fresh progress with its hep C combo Viekira Pak. Investigators say the combo was effective whether or not it was used with ribavirin. Story

> Australian stem cell company Genea Biocells is expanding its operations to the United States with plans to open a new facility in San Diego. Release

Medical Device News

@FierceMedDev: Broad Institute bags $20M for drug-resistant TB research. More from FierceDiagnostics | Follow @FierceMedDev

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> The Esophageal Cooling Device gets FDA's rare de novo clearance for innovative devices. Article

> Philips ($PHG) readies launch of smart device-based ultrasound device, app. Story

Pharma News

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> Hospira ($HSP) gets FDA OK for massive India plant from which Pfizer ($PFE) will reap the rewards. Story

> Report: Novo ($NVO), Sanofi ($SNY) and Merck ($MRK) dominate global diabetes market. More

Biotech Research News

> Team spotlights new evidence that Parkinson's starts in the gut. Story

> Allied-Bristol JV picks up rights to Harvard's work on traditional Chinese remedy. News

> Experimental prostate cancer combo shows promise in case studies. Report

> Purdue group finds Achilles' heel for MERS. Item

> Investigators say they've designed a new-and-improved antibiotic. Article

Diagnostics News

> Qiagen ($QGEN) to partner with Japan's Hitachi on molecular testing. More

> Broad Institute bags $20M for drug-resistant TB research. Item

> Advanced Cell Diagnostics receives $22M to develop its RNA biomarker tech. News

> Siemens snags FDA approval for HIV combo test. Story

> Biodesix brings Series E to $38M for blood-based lung cancer Dx. Article

Pharma Marketing News

> Another AZ exec jumps ship for CEO job at smaller drugmaker. Item

> Novartis ($NVS) playing catch-up in cancer? Not us, says top oncology exec. Story

> Has Lundbeck failed to sharpen Brintellix's marketing edge with payers? More

> Call it Allergan ($AGN), call it a 'growth pharma.' Just don't call it Big Pharma. Article

> Got game? Pharma's moving into gamification but needs to drop the bribes. Report

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