New BioMAP® Systems Website Highlights Predictive Assay Platform's Ability to Enhance Drug Discovery Success, Chemical Safety

Primary Human Cell-Based Assays Recapitulate Human Biology and Bridge the In Vitro to In Vivo Gap in Drug Discovery

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Aug. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BioSeek, LLC today announced the launch of a new website for the company's proprietary BioMAP® systems platform (, with numerous features and resources to educate visitors on the primary human cell based assay system's ability to increase the success rate of drug discovery and the safety of chemicals used in industrial and consumer products.


BioMAP® assays are human primary cell-based assays that read out a unique signature of biological activity for every active compound including both drug candidates and a wide range of chemicals. Using proprietary computational algorithms, the BioMAP® platform compares test compounds to a proprietary reference database containing data on over 3,000 experimental and approved drugs. The result provides users with actionable data at every stage of the discovery and development process, including lead selection, lead optimization, mechanism of action studies, toxicity profiling, and nomination of candidates for preclinical development. With over 30 cell-based disease models current available within the BioMAP® systems platform, BioSeek is continually working with its partners to expand the platform to new cell types and disease areas.

"Visitors to the site can learn about the BioMAP® technology and how it can be applied to gain information about their compounds' activities in a wide range of cell types and tissue states," said Ellen Berg, Ph.D., General Manager of BioSeek. "BioMAP® profiling can help users understand a compound's mechanism of action, potential safety profile, and get a preview of how the compounds may act in animal as well as clinical studies."

The new BioMAP® systems website provides such features and resources as:

  • Copies of scientific presentations highlighting the capabilities and specific uses of the BioMAP® systems platform
  • Information about the use of the BioMAP® platform for forecasting chemical toxicities as part of BioSeek's work with the EPA's ToxCast program
  • Case studies about the application of BioMAP® for differentiation of lead compounds, identifying novel compound mechanisms of action, and explaining unexpected clinical effects.

"We plan to continue building this site as a go-to resource for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies seeking information, services and resources to help them better understand their compounds in the context of human biology well before they get into the clinic," said Dr. Berg. "Our BioMAP® technology is the culmination of over 12 years of scientific experience working with more than 30 companies on their drug discovery and development programs, as well as with the EPA's ToxCast Program."

About BioSeek

BioSeek, LLC, located in South San Francisco, California, is a drug discovery services company that applies human primary cell assays and predictive disease models to the discovery and development of human therapeutics and safer chemicals. BioSeek improves the success rate of drug discovery and development by integrating human biology from the earliest stages of drug discovery onward through its unique BioMAP® platform. Our mission is to accelerate drug compound validation and enable our clients to take safer and more effective products into the market. Founded in 2000, BioSeek has established a leadership position by combining proprietary technologies and extensive know-how for pre-clinical modeling of human biology. For more information about our company please visit our website at