NeuroGesX CEO to retire this year; Penn State finds key in MRSA fight;

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> NeuroGesX's CEO Anthony DiTonno will retire by the end of this year, according to a company release. DiTonno has led the company since March 2003. In addition, the company announced that Gary Lyons, former CEO and president of Neurocrine, will join its board. NeuroGesX release

> Good news in the fight against MRSA. Researchers at Penn State have found a protein that blocks seven classes of antibiotics from binding to a ribosome on the superbug. The ribosome--a target for most antibiotics--controls the production of vital proteins for MRSA. Story

> While those who study Alzheimer's disease look for ways in which memories can be retained, those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) would really like some memories to just go away--or, at least become dulled. Scientists at UCLA, writing in the Journal of Neuroscience, say they have successfully erased or weakened a long-term memory. Article

> Keryx Biopharmaceuticals released the final data from its short-term Phase III study of Zerenex, a hyperphosphatemia treatment for end-stage renal disease patients. According to Dr. David Goldfarb, the clinical chief of nephrology at NYU Langone Medical Center, who presented the data, Zerenex could be a viable alternative to current ESRD treatments, given its high efficacy results in the trial. Keryx release

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> J&J pay plans gets thumbs up from shareholders. Report

> Bayer sets $22.3B budget for R&D, new plants. Story

> NEJM data shows Avastin as effective as Lucentis. Article

> Blockbuster expectations for new J&J prostate drug. Report

> EU probes Teva, Cephalon deal on Provigil generic. Item

> Jury awards $212M in Botox injury case. News

And Finally... You might know about how IBM's Watson supercomputer bested human contestants in the game show Jeopardy! in February. But there's also been some thought about what the supercomputer could do to aid humans faced with sorting through vast amounts of biomedical information to make decisions. Report