Molekule Consulting Inc. to present and exhibit at the Pharma Competitive Intelligence Conference & Exhibition USA – September 9

Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 11:00am EDT Miami, FL, USA

Molekule Consulting Inc. ("Molekule") today announces its exhibiting at the 2014 Pharma Competitive Intelligence Conference & Exhibition USA – September 9-10, 2014 Parsippany, NJ.

Molekule is recognized as a global leader in the development and refinement of primary competitive insights and intelligence for the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Molekule seeks to align intelligence outcomes, focus results and enable client partners the ability to "win" in a highly dynamic and competitive space. We remain a trusted partner of biopharmaceutical players today and tomorrow.

"The Pharma CI [Competitive Intelligence] Conference USA and O-U.S. congresses are truly the place to 'see and be seen' in terms of competitive intelligence in our vertical," said David L. Alderman, President of Molekule Consulting Inc. At the Pharma CI Conference, Mr. Alderman will present a talk entitled, "Understanding the Dynamic and Highly Competitive Universe of Emerging Generics and Biosimilars," where he will elucidate the generics and biosimilars value chain from both the ethical / innovator biopharmaceutical company's perspective, as well as from the generic / biosimilar company's perspective. Mr. Alderman will undertake the journey from API selection to formulation development & BE Testing through generic / biosimilar dossier filing and / or patent challenge and ultimate launch of product. Through both sides of the looking glass, the audience will appreciate the trials and tribulations of ethical and generic pharma.

"We are living in a peri-LoE world. Forget about the 'patent cliff' – that is a phraseology or piece of technical jargon that is overused. In reality, our clients at Molekule Consulting want to know the when's, why's, where's and how's of genericization threats and how they can facilitate reasonable and implementable blunting strategies & tactics. During my talk at Pharma CI in September [2014], I will enlighten our audience as to the CI practitioner's vantage point of this process and the value chain associated with it. If done properly, primary competitive research for generics and biosimilars can save the innovator pharmaceutical company sufficiently significant monies and return market ROIs on key biopharmaceutical and strategic business goals," said David Alderman.

About Molekule Consulting Inc.
Molekule Consulting Inc. ("Molekule") is a global consultancy headquartered in Miami, Florida. We partner with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies providing evidence-based solutions and actionable strategic and tactical insights. Molekule also supports other organizations in the biopharmaceutical and life sciences verticals including but not limited to other consultancies, venture capital groups, private equity groups and hedge funds. Leveraging primary research methodologies as the cornerstone of strategic development, Molekule supports the continuum of tactical and strategic decisions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients.

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