Molecular Targeting Maintains the Most Promise as an Early-Stage Approach for Prostate Cancer:

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Targeted prostate cancer treatments monopolise the existing prostate cancer treatment market, as well as the prostate cancer pipeline; according to a new report available on

R&D Trends: Prostate Cancer - Newly approved therapies shift treatment dynamics for castrate-resistant disease

The market for prostate cancer therapies will see increased competition as a number of therapies pass through the final development and approval processes. Developments in prostate cancer research have brought a selection of potential targets to light, and pharmaceutical companies are expected to perform detailed R&D activities to determine which are viable for future development.

Another important factor in the prostate cancer drug development market is the planning and running of clinical trials; particularly in terms of trial participants, length and endpoints, of which there are often more than one.

It is likely that new prostate cancer treatments will address the need for overall survival of patients who have late stage and castrate-resistant prostrate cancer, especially for those cases where other therapies have failed.

The most recent prostate cancer drug release was in April 2011, when the FDA granted approval for Zytiga and its novel anti-testosterone mode of action, which shrinks advanced prostate cancers. Its introduction is likely to see physicians change in the order in which treatments are administered to patients.

In 2010, Avastin – already prescribed for many other oncology-related conditions – failed to reach adequate levels of survival in late-stage prostate cancer patients and was withdrawn from trials.

The 31 page prostate cancer treatment report, published in June 2011, provides an explanation of the R&D trends in the prostate cancer treatment market since 2009, split by development stage, therapeutic class and molecular targets. An in-depth analysis of existing treatment Taxotere is also provided, as is discussion of clinical trial design, innovative early stage approaches and the future of the prostate cancer drug market.

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