Microbix plans huge new vax facility; Novartis wins Ilaris approval;

> Microbix Biosystems is partnering with a Chinese drugmaker to build the largest vaccine manufacturing plant in Asia. The facility should be fully operational in four years. Story

> Glaxo CEO Andrew Witty is promising to make its new malaria vaccine easily available in the poorest countries if clinical trials clear the way to an approval. Report

> Morphotek inked a licensing pact with Centocor Ortho Biotech for the development and commercialization of an antibody that targets a tumor-associated antigen over-expressed in many solid tumors. Release

Pharma News

> GSK outgrows 'white pills and western markets.' Report 

> Once again, eye doctors have successfully lobbied to keep their Avastin. Article

> Less than two weeks ago, we learned that AstraZeneca was offering buyout packages to all of its sales reps. As yet we still don't know exactly how much of its sales force the drugmaker hopes to shed. But thanks to some calculator-packing analysts, we do know how much the company could benefit financially. Report

> Another study joins the stack of research linking aytpical antipsychotics to fast-and-furious weight gain. Article

> The news that 23 Tysabri patients had developed the brain malady PML hit Biogen hard earlier this week. Some analysts now say that the estimated risk of developing PML--1 in 1,000--might actually be more like 1 in 400. But two new possibilities for fighting PML have emerged, raising hopes that the potentially fatal brain infection can a.) be better prevented, and b.) better treated. Report

Manufacturing News

> Caraco limps along following its September agreement to an FDA consent decree. Report

> Needlestick prevention has also become an objective for the venerable EpiPen: An update of the auto-injector includes needle protection before and after use. Article

> A ready-to-fill syringe having integrated passive safety features within the glass barrel is heading to market. Article

> Novavax, Xcellerex double-team H1N1. Report

And Finally...Some people are so anxious to get a swine flu vaccination they're lying about their condition. Report