Merck’s latest snooze medication awaits FDA approval

30 July 2012 Australia ( : Merck, one of the well-known pharmaceutical giant has added another quill to its wide range of effective medications by completing phase III clinical trials of a new drug responsible for inducing sleep in patients suffering from insomnia. The pharma company is currently awaiting the approval of this sleep drug known as suvorexant by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) at least by the end of this year. As per the latest available clinical data related to the phase III experimental analysis is that the drug proved to be successful in inducing sleep in patients suffering from insomnia in an effective and safe way. This drug is believed to be the largest late-stage treatment perspectives in the pipeline of the company. The medication has been found to emerge as a winner of 15 statistical bars out the total 16, which it lost to the placebo that was found to provide continuous sleep faster than the drug after the treatment course of three months. Darryle D. Schoepp, head of the neuroscience and ophthalmology of Merck Research Laboratories said that the company has a wide range of late-stage information on the drug suvorexant to prove that it works marvelously and also, possess the potential to prove effective even on long term treatment. He also claimed that the main USP (Unique Selling Point) of the drug is that despite being safe and inducing sleep quickly, around 90 % of patients cleared showed that the feel of drowsiness did not occur the day after the drug was taken. And this point is believed to a unique and remarkable feat of this medication that can take it a long way in the clinical world. Andrew D. Krystal, M.D., a professor of behavioral sciences and psychiatry at a medical center claimed that this novel and unique drug may get a warm welcome from patients all over the world suffering from insomnia. 100 Railway Street Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA- 2766 For more: