Merck and its German cousin spar over branding; Turing kicks off ketamine trial;

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> Merck KGaA's recent branding overhaul is leading to confusion in the U.S., according to Merck ($MRK), which filed a lawsuit challenging its distant relative's marketing practices. More

> Turing Pharmaceuticals, under new management after founder Martin Shkreli's arrest, has begun clinical trials on an intranasal formulation of ketamine designed to treat suicidal thoughts. News

> Pfizer ($PFE) signed a deal with the nonprofit California Institute for Biomedical Research to work together on antibody treatments for heart failure. Item

Medical Device News

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> JPM: St. Jude plagued by gap in its portfolio of pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. Story

> NIH commits $313M over four years to sequencing genomics of human disease. Article

> Devices grab $2.7B in VC again, but that may weaken in 2016. Editor's corner

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> It's Merck vs. Merck as name cofusion, complicated by social media, leads to legal showdown. More

> Akorn estimates it overstated '14 financials by $35M. Item

> Merck reaches $830M settlement in long-running Vioxx litigation. Article