MedNet Solutions Announces iMedNet, the Company's Next Generation EDC Technology Platform

MedNet Solutions Announces iMedNet, the Company's Next Generation EDC Technology Platform
MINNETONKA, Minn., Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- MedNet Solutions, a global life sciences technology solutions company specializing in clinical study management systems, is pleased to announce iMedNetTM, the company's ground-breaking new electronic data capture (EDC)/eClinical technology platform. Developed based on MedNet's extensive, decade-long experience supporting world-wide clinical trials and registries, iMedNet is a next generation, Web 2.0-based EDC solution built using the most advanced and powerful technology tools available.

"iMedNet is an exciting and innovative new data management system that gives our customers the power to build their own studies," stated Paul D. Grady, Chief Technology Officer at MedNet Solutions. "It provides a flexible and intuitive 'drag and drop' environment to set up forms, business logic, workflows and protocols, utilizing a reusable component library. Study creation and deployment can now occur in a matter of days."

iMedNet delivers a secure, community-based infrastructure supporting effective collaboration and communication among all clinical study constituents - from study administrators, data managers and monitors, to investigators, research coordinators and patients. The system is easily accessible through the MedNet Cloud from any Internet-enabled PC anywhere in the world. iMedNet provides a standards-based, scalable EDC platform that can efficiently support any type of study (from Phase I trials to post market registries) at a highly competitive price point.

"We're extremely excited about the benefits that iMedNet will bring to the life science industry," commented John M. (Rob) Robertson, president and CEO of MedNet Solutions. "Combining iMedNet's industry-leading technology with its pay-as-you-go, SaaS pricing model will significantly lessen the administrative burden and costs traditionally associated with EDC solutions."

The iMedNet system, which is currently in the beta-testing phase, will first be available for preview at the eClinical Technology Summit, scheduled for April 12-14, 2010 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida. General availability of the iMedNet technology solution is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2010.

For more information on iMedNet, please contact MedNet Solutions via phone at (866) 258-2735, or via email at [email protected]

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