Marshall Edwards names experienced biotech CEO to the helm

Marshall Edwards (NASDAQ: MSHLD), a cancer drug developer with operations in Australia and San Diego, has named a new CEO. Daniel Gold, Ph.D., whose biotech resume spans 25 years and includes a stint as CEO of Prospect Therapeutics and a founder's position as chief scientific officer of Favrille, was assigned to the helm of the company.

"Dr. Gold has an impressive track record of translating drug discovery into drug development, including all phases of clinical development," said Professor Bryan Williams, the chairman of Marshall Edwards. "His experience with both private and public biotechnology companies will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our company. He will be instrumental in the design and implementation of our corporate strategy as we advance the development of our portfolio of exciting compounds."

"I look forward to maximizing the value of the Company's clinical work to date on its lead candidate, phenoxodiol, including the completion of data analysis from the OVATURE trial later this quarter, as well as advancing the development of our next two compounds, triphendiol and NV-128," said Gold in a statement.

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