Looking back--and forward

We're taking a break from the usual round of top news stories today to bring you our most popular features from 2011. The Fierce 15 leads the way with this year's look at a group of some of the industry's most promising up-and-coming life science companies. Several of these biotechs have already made news with fresh investment rounds and partnerships. Interesting to note, this year's biotech graveyard report also included several Fierce 15s from previous years. That helps underscore the huge gambles in play every day in the biotech field.

We also scored well with our report on the top cancer drugs now in the pipeline, blockbuster contenders for 2011 and my report on the top research budgets in Big Pharma. For those of you who have already read these stories, we hope you enjoy the refresher course. If it's new to you, let us know what you think.

These are all annual features at FierceBiotech. We've been successful in creating a growing roster of original reports as we continue to expand the life sciences team. We'll continue to expand our coverage next year, and I'd love to hear any of your ideas on new contenders for our "most popular" list of stories for 2012. -- John Carroll, editor-in-chief (twitter | email)