Live From BIO 2010: A chat with Stempeutics

CHICAGO - FierceBiotech sat down with BN Manohar, president of Stempeutics, which is headquartered in Bangalore and has R&D facilities in Malaysia and Manipal. The company is in the process of bringing the first stem cell therapy to the Asian market and is focusing on about eight products. It also has reached out to a number of partners and is open to inking deals with companies in the U.S. Manohar also emphasized that his is a vibrant company focused on bringing an affordable, safe stem cell track that can be bought off the shelf.

Late last month, Stempeutics announced it completed the initial Phase I/II clinical trial of its product Stempeucel-CLI, a product developed using mesenchymal stem cells derived from donated bone marrow for patients with critical limb ischemia. Data from the trial showed the product to be safe and well-tolerated with no adverse events related to the product's use. Stempeutics also inked a deal with Cipla, a leading Indian drugmaker, to market the product.

Manohar told FierceBiotech that his company is looking to evaluate an osteoarthritis therapy in its next clinical trial and is also preparing studies for COPD, diabetes and several other indications.