Law firms trolling for unhappy Icagen investors; gIcare Pharma raises $7M; ReNeuron shakes up board

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> Pfizer's $6-a-share buyout deal for Icagen has attracted the attention of a number of law firms now chumming the waters for unhappy investors. After word spread of a possible buyout, investors quickly drove up the value of Icagen's stock, only to watch the share price plunge 23% yesterday after Pfizer made off with the company--a longtime partner--at a much lower price than expected. Now the AP reports that at least 5 firms are exploring if investors are willing to sign up for a lawsuit. Story

> Canada's gIcare Pharma says it raised $7 million in a Series A round. Release

> Manhattan Pharmaceuticals says it reached an agreement with the FDA on a special protocol assessment for a Phase III clinical trial of AST-726 in patients with a medical history of vitamin B12 deficiency. Release

> Scotland's ReNeuron is shaking up its board of directors after Chairman Trevor Howard announced plans to step down and form a new advisory group. Article

Pharma News

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Vaccine News

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