Judgement by European Union Civil Service Tribunal on appointment procedure of EMA Executive Director

The European Union Civil Service Tribunal has given its judgement on 13 November 2014 in a case involving an appeal by an individual against the selection procedure in 2011 for the appointment of the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The court has, on purely formal grounds, annulled the Commission's decision adopting a shortlist of potential candidates for the position of Executive Director. As a consequence, the decision by the Management Board to select Guido Rasi from the shortlist and appoint him as Executive Director on 6 October 2011 has also been annulled.

Professor Sir Kent Woods, Chair of the Management Board, said, "I note with regret today's judgement by the European Union Civil Service Tribunal. It is important to remember that the ruling is about a procedural formality. It is not a reflection on Guido Rasi's competence or ability to run the Agency, something which he has done successfully since November 2011."

The European Commission and EMA are taking legal advice. Pending further decisions, Andreas Pott, the Deputy Executive Director, will take responsibility with immediate effect for the management and operations of the Agency.


  • The case was brought by an individual on 9 January 2012 appealing against the decision by the European Commission not to include him on the shortlist of candidates for the position of Executive Director of EMA. According to the Agency's founding regulation, Regulation (EC) 726/2004, the Management Board can only select from the candidates shortlisted by the European Commission.

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