Johnson & Johnson Innovation Announces New J-Labs Incubator at Texas Medical Center

J-Labs @TMC Will Be a Core Component of the Texas Medical Center's Innovation Institute

HOUSTON, October 23, 2014   --   Johnson & Johnson Innovation, LLC., today announced plans to expand J-Labs (formerly called Janssen Labs) to include a new incubator located within Texas Medical Center's new Innovation Institute. This facility is located at 2450 Holcombe Boulevard, Houston, TX. The 30,000-square foot J-Labs facility will accommodate up to 50 life science startups.

"As one of the top global biotechnology clusters, and home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world, Houston is a flourishing life science hub in which we see great potential for an incubator to enable the talented scientists in the region to take their innovation to the next level," said Melinda Richter, head of J-Labs, part of Johnson & Johnson Innovation. "The continued demand for our J-Labs model fueled our decision to expand with J-Labs @TMC, which furthers our goal of helping entrepreneurs advance science with the potential to become transformational solutions for patients."

Johnson & Johnson Innovation seeks to find the best science and technology, no matter where it is located, to solve the greatest unmet medical and healthcare needs of our time. J-Labs @TMC will link regional entrepreneurs with the full breadth of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, including  opportunities to discuss funding, access third-party services, attend educational events and meet with R&D experts from our medical device and diagnostic technology, consumer healthcare product and Janssen pharmaceutical teams. J-Labs @TMC will also follow the same no-strings attached approach currently in operation at the California- and Boston-based J-Labs facilities. 

"The arrival of J-Labs @TMC creates a resource-rich environment that will not only support new startups fueled by the numerous medical and research institutes in the region, but will also be attractive to investors and entrepreneurs in the strong Texas life science industry," said Robert C. Robbins, M.D., president and chief executive officer of the Texas Medical Center. "We look forward to launching the life science incubator in our space with J-Labs and supporting their efforts to help bring innovation in the region to market."

The announcement is part of a main-stage presentation at today's Texas FreshAIR annual conference.   The University of Texas System's FreshAIR initiative is an effort to create successful partnerships between UT System institutions and the life sciences industry. The University of Texas is part of the Texas Medical Center. TMCx is a life science accelerator and one of the core components of the Texas Medical Center's Innovation Institute, which offers entrepreneurs a full spectrum of support, including curriculum about entrepreneurship, a network of advisors and mentors as well as access to strategic and venture investors.

The J-Labs network currently hosts 70 life science companies across its three active facilities located in San Diego, San Francisco (J-Labs @QB3) and Boston (J-Labs @LabCentral). As announced earlier this year, J-Labs @South San Francisco will open in early 2015 and will accommodate up to 50 companies in the Bay Area. Applications are currently being accepted from biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, consumer and digital health companies, across all J-Labs sites, including the Houston incubator. To apply visit

The flagship location, J-Labs in San Diego, opened its doors in January 2012, offering emerging life science companies modular wet lab units and office space, as well as shared core laboratory equipment and business facilities. The flagship incubator has since expanded to add a concept lab offering single bench spaces, as well as an open collaboration office area designed to provide a high-energy space where entrepreneurs can interact and exchange ideas. J-Labs regularly holds events designed to strengthen an entrepreneur's tool kit, ranging from topics such as best practices when filing a biologic IND to key insights from those that have completed successful IPOs. 

About Johnson & Johnson Innovation, J-Labs

J-Labs, part of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, LLC, is a network of life science incubators providing emerging companies with many of the advantages of being in a big company, without the capital investment. J-Labs offers singular bench tops, modular wet lab units and office space on a short-term basis, allowing companies to pay only for the space they need, with an option to quickly expand when they have the resources to do so. Companies residing at J-Labs also have access to core research labs hosting specialized capital equipment and shared administrative areas. J-Labs is an open innovation model, and the agreement for space does not grant J-Labs or Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Inc. any stake or rights in the companies, nor will the companies have a guaranteed future affiliation with J-Labs or any of its affiliates. The flagship facility is located in San Diego at Janssen's West Coast Research Center, and Johnson & Johnson Innovation J-Labs now has two locations in the Bay Area, one through a collaboration with the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) and a second standalone facility under development, and in Boston, through a collaboration with Lab Central. For more information please visit

About Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Johnson & Johnson Innovation, LLC, focuses on accelerating early-stage innovation worldwide and forming collaborations between entrepreneurs and Johnson & Johnson's global healthcare businesses. Johnson & Johnson Innovation provides scientists, entrepreneurs and emerging companies with one-stop access to science and technology experts who can facilitate collaborations across the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics and consumer companies of Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson Innovation includes local deal-making capabilities with the flexibility to adapt deal structures to match early-stage opportunities and establish novel collaborations that speed development of innovations to solve unmet needs in patients. For more information please visit:

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