iSOFT Group Limited (ASX:ISF) Completes Agreements for New Life Science Research Tool

Sydney, Dec 20, 2010 (ABN Newswire) - iSOFT Group Limited (ASX:ISF) has moved into the life science space with solutions that extract and de-identify clinical data from electronic medical records for clinical research and other secondary uses.

The move follows a co-marketing agreement with US-based CliniWorks for its AccelFind solutions. CliniWorks has developed the technology behind AccelFind, and provides it as a service, to extract medical knowledge from any type of data, including free text notes, discharge summaries or the structured data contained in electronic medical records and laboratory systems. With the new agreement, iSOFT will market AccelFind as part of its Life Science Solution "powered by CliniWorks" to hospitals and life science companies worldwide.

Meanwhile Cytolon, a Berlin-based enabling technology company for personalized medicine, will integrate the new tool with its platform CordMatch. CordMatch is a unique, web-based platform that integrates product search and matching-to-patient, logistics, billing and follow-up for the matching of stem cell products. The Life Sciences Solution, will also be integrated with CordMatch and provide a powerful tool allowing the secondary use of electronic health records, so offering a whole new world of possibilities for clinical development, adding value for pharmaceutical companies and permitting ultimately the improvement of therapy quality and fostering personalized medicine. Benefits generated from these projects will be shared between the companies.

Cytolon supports and participates in clinical research studies for the development of future applications of stem cell products derived from umbilical cord blood for a variety of diseases.

The iSOFT Life Sciences Solutions integrates with all standard hospital databases to extract clinical information and so promotes knowledge collaboration for highly efficient clinical research, outcomes tracking and management.

iSOFT's Director for Life Sciences, Dr Joerg Kraenzlein, said: "This is a tremendous opportunity to accelerate clinical research in a so far unprecedented way, and tap into new areas of treatment options and value propositions that have the potential to change the way we perform medicine and use healthcare IT today."

iSOFT's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Michael Dahlweid, added: "Life Sciences is a new strategic asset of iSOFT's solution portfolio with a huge growth potential and perfectly fits our Smart Solution approach, which provides instant value to existing and new customers."

About iSOFT Group Limited

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