Isis gets $6M milestone from BMS; Novavax completes influenza vax trial enrollment;

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> NicOx announced that the FDA plans to hold a meeting of the Arthritis Drugs Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee to discuss naproxcinod on May 12, 2010. NicOx submitted an NDA for naproxcinod to the FDA in September 2009, seeking approval for an indication for the relief of the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. NicOx release

> Isis Pharmaceuticals announced today that it's received a $6 million milestone payment from Bristol-Myers Squibb related to the acceptance of initial regulatory filings to begin Phase I clinical studies for BMS-PCSK9Rx. Isis release

> Novavax has completed enrollment of an influenza vaccine trial in Mexico. Novavax release

> Nabi Biopharmaceuticals has grabbed an upfront payment of $40 million from GlaxoSmithKline. GSK has been granted an option to exclusively in-license NicVAX on a worldwide basis and a license to develop nicotine vaccines using Nabi's intellectual property. Nabi release

And Finally... Can a drug that has been used to treat malaria for years possibly be used to treat breast cancer before it becomes invasive? Report