Introducing FierceBiotech's new podcast

At FierceBiotech, we take no small amount of pride in bringing readers what they need to know about the global business of developing drugs, swiftly and reliably each day. But as anyone who has milled about the hotel lobbies of the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference or gossiped in ASCO hallways can attest, some of the most interesting biopharma conversations happen outside the bounds of traditional news reporting.

And so we decided to create FierceBiotech Radio, a podcast in which we'll chat with industry experts, newsmakers and veterans on issues affecting the business of biopharma. The idea is to replicate the off-the-cuff encounters normally confined to insider confabs, avoiding the dullness of hyperscripted earnings calls and technical webinars.

In the first episode, Michael Gilman, CEO of the Atlas Venture-seeded Padlock Therapeutics, joins us to discuss the future of drug R&D, the difference between big and small biotech, and his DJing past.

Download the episode on iTunes or listen below--and be sure to subscribe. Let us know what you think by dropping a line to [email protected]