IntraLinks Global Investigator Site Survey: Results Highlight Need for the Adoption of Web-Based Clinical Trial Document Exchang

IntraLinks Global Investigator Site Survey: Results Highlight Need for the Adoption of Web-Based Clinical Trial Document Exchange Tools to Drive Efficiencies and Increase Productivity
73% of respondents use email, courier and fax as primary tools for document exchange

NEW YORK, Jun 14, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- IntraLinks (NYSE: IL), a leading provider of critical information exchange solutions, today announced the results of the IntraLinks Global Investigator Site Survey. The survey looked at what methods are currently used for clinical trial document exchange, and the effectiveness of those methods. Eighty three percent of the respondents were clinical research coordinators, investigators and subinvestigators.

The survey findings show that the majority of investigator sites are using traditional methods - email, courier and fax - as a primary tool for clinical trial document exchange. A relatively small number of respondents are using web-based document exchange tools as their primary method:

73% of respondents use traditional methods - email (52%), courier (12%) and fax (nine percent) - as their primary tool for clinical trial document exchange
25% of respondents use web-based document exchange tools as their main way of exchanging clinical trial documents
The survey results indicate that investigator sites are experiencing significant inefficiencies and productivity challenges as a result of the ongoing use of email, courier and fax:

59% of respondents track due dates for information, current status or milestones manually
66% of respondents spend at least two hours, and in some cases more than nine hours, per week searching for documents
74% of respondents report resending documents to sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) at least once or twice, and in some cases more than five times, a week
The survey found that respondents recognize the benefits of web-based clinical document exchange tools:

68% of respondents cited being able to access updated information right away and reducing the amount of paper they use as advantages
62% of respondents cited being able to keep track of information easily as a benefit
47% of respondents cited not spending so much time searching for information as a benefit
The survey findings also showed that most respondents are conducting numerous studies and those that use online clinical tools such as electronic data capture and clinical portals have a significant number of passwords and logins:

87% of respondents have conducted three to 15+ studies over the last 12 months
57% of respondents are running four to 15+ concurrent studies
47% of respondents have at least three to ten passwords and logins, while another 20% have more than ten
"The survey reinforced the challenges that investigator sites are continuing to face and showed their willingness to use web-based clinical document exchange tools to help alleviate these issues," said Linda Bowers, VP, Life Sciences Product Marketing, IntraLinks. "Sponsors and CROs have to consider investigator sites' needs and the clinical community perspective as they deploy clinical trials in order to reach optimal productivity gains and efficiencies."

The IntraLinks Global Investigator Site Survey was conducted online by CenterWatch, a trusted source of clinical trials information for both professionals and patients. There were 598 responses to the survey with 70% of respondents based in North America, 21% in Europe, and 9% in Asia Pacific.

IntraLinks is exhibiting at DIA's 47th Annual Meeting in Chicago from June 20 - 22. IntraLinks will be at booth number 1849.

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