International Sales Agreement Signed by WNDM Subsidiary; $500K First-Year Sales Commitment

FORT WORTH, Texas, May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Wound Management Technologies, Inc., (OTCQB: WNDM | WNDM.PK) a leader in advanced wound care solutions, today announced that Pharma Tech International (PTI), a joint venture of its subsidiary BioPharma Management Technologies, has signed an annual $500,000 minimum sales agreement with Cure Hands, a company of international trade based in Saudi Arabia.

In the agreement, Pharma Tech International, the exclusive distributor of CellerateRX® in certain countries throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, grants Cure Hands the exclusive rights of sales and distribution for CellerateRX® in Saudi Arabia based on an initial $50,000 order of CellerateRX® products, to be followed by Cure Hands posting a stand by letter of credit for an additional $450,000 within 60 days to fund its annual minimum required purchase.

Shadi Arnita, President of Pharma Tech International said, "We are pleased that the Cure Hands agreement allows CellerateRX® to penetrate a strategically important market. We are now working with our contacts in countries throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa to reach additional similar deals in the future."

Commenting on the agreement and product efficacy, Fawaz Al-Fawzan, Managing Director of Cure Hands said, "Based upon our studies conducted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as outcomes we have observed in other markets, we are pleased to have secured this unique collagen product, CellerateRX®, for our country." Mr. Al-Fawzan further added, "Our medical staff is particularly impressed with CellerateRX®'s effect on diabetic wounds, which continues to be a problematic healthcare issue throughout our Arabian Gulf region."

The international market for CellerateRX® is growing. Recent statistics in the Middle East show that the rate of diabetes is climbing. In some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, the rate of diabetes approaches 20% of the population.  Particularly in Saudi Arabia, where diet and lifestyle have played a role in the rise of diabetes, CellerateRX® represents a cost effective treatment for wounds that, left uncared for, can lead to loss of limb and loss of life.

This is the second recent international agreement to market CellerateRX® from Pharma Tech International this quarter and is part of the Company's long-term plan to penetrate healthcare markets worldwide. Deborah Jenkins Hutchinson, President of Wound Management Technologies noted, "This agreement represents another milestone met from our 2011 business plan [published 01/07/11] as well as a milestone discussed in our April 19th letter to shareholders."

About Wound Management Technologies, Inc.

Wound Management Technologies, Inc. is an emerging commercial stage company with its primary products in the $5B worldwide advanced wound care market. Wound Management's primary focus is the distribution of its unique, patented collagen product, CellerateRX®, which is FDA cleared and reimbursable under Medicare Part B. Wound Management has other advanced biotech products in development including a patented resorbable bone wax line that is in late stages of development, as well as a subsidiary focused on technology for secure healthcare data collaboration and storage.  More information can be found on the company's web sites: and http://www.CellerateRX®.com.


About Pharma Technology International, LLC

Pharma Technology International, LLC is a joint venture partnership between BioPharma Technologies, Inc. (a subsidiary of Wound Management Technologies, Inc.) (OTC: WNDM.PK) and A&Z Pharmaceutical, LLC, to  license, market, distribute and sell Wound Management Technologies' line of activated collagen-based products in certain countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  The products are  FDA cleared as medical devices and for use in the management of chronic and acute wounds and skin ulcers.

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