Interactive Medica Launches IM Framework

Interactive Medica Launches IM Framework

24th July 2009

Delivers seamless collaboration for pharmaceutical sales and marketing team

23 July 2009: Pharmaceutical companies are facing growing pressures to adapt to more complex buying groups in an increasingly competitive market while still operating efficiently. To help meet this need, Interactive Medica, today launched IM Framework, a suite of web-based applications created to provide a complete front office solution for pharmaceutical commercial requirements

With over 130 customers, Interactive Medica is a significant supplier of web-based commercial software specifically for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Its current CRM application Salecase continues to grow and be developed to meet the needs of its customers. The IM Framework will be marketed and supported alongside Interactive Medica's existing Salecase CRM solution.

The IM Framework provides a web-based collaborative environment; its extremely rich configuration centre provides tailored applications to individual company needs and business processes. This significantly improves communication and knowledge transfer allowing faster information flow between departments. It can be deployed nationally or internationally and is highly scalable and flexible to meet changing company needs.

Delivered through secure, web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the IM Framework is typically deployed in under 2 months. Using its vast industry experience, Interactive Medica ensures that the application is tailored to the needs of each business with a high percentage of an employee's tasks and information accessible through a single screen. This ease of use increases employee satisfaction, guarantees uptake and reduces the need for training.

Some of the key advantages of IM Framework are:

  • Sales teams have access to all customer information and can quickly share information to underpin Key Account Management (KAM) strategies
  • Marketing departments can plan, deliver and monitor campaigns for effectiveness, closely collaborating with sales and medical
  • Managers can measure activities against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through graphical dashboards, and drill-down for more detailed analysis
  • Full integration with other software (such as back office SAP systems) ensures rapid access to information on a corporate level.
  • All touch points that a pharmaceutical company has with its wide and varied customer base can be recorded, managed and coordinated.

For organisations that need to ensure that the management of the complex relationships that now exist between their commercial team and customers should be as un-complicated as it can be; then IM framework is the perfect environment.

Creating a collaborative environment is at the heart of the IM Framework. Not only does it enable employees to work together using tools such as instant Messenger, it can also take advantage of social networking technologies such as blogs, forums and Twitter.  As it is web-based, employees can access the system via PC, laptop or internet-equipped mobile phone. This increases productivity and ensures that real time information is simple to access and update.

"The pharmaceutical industry is facing major challenges as their customers buying process becomes more complex and pressures on margins intensify," said Richard Jenkinson, CEO, Interactive Medica. "Existing IT systems are proving too inflexible and expensive to meet these needs as pharmaceutical companies look to increase collaboration and provide seamless access to the information employees need to do their jobs. Built on our wealth of industry experience, IM Framework delivers the tailored, flexible systems pharmaceutical companies require if they are to thrive in the current market."

The Software as a Service model provides a secure, flexible method of delivering systems to the pharmaceutical market. It ensures rapid roll-out, the ability to tailor applications to business process and user needs, minimal IT requirements and scalability - users and functionality can be easily added or removed as company needs change. Security is safeguarded through high level encryption protection, with data, and communications access stored in a class leading secure location.

The IM Framework comprises the following modules: