Industry Expert Dr. Stefan Krawielitzki Reinforces The AVA Group

December 1, 2014

The AVA Group welcomes Dr Stefan Krawielitzki to AVA Biochem BSL AG and AVA-­-CO2 Switzerland AG as an Organic Chemistry Expert.

With this appointment, the AVA Group gains a well-­-connected expert with over 20 years' industry experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Dr Krawielitzki received his Chemistry Degree in 1995 from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich where he graduated magna cum laude. His dissertation focused on organic chemistry.

Dr Krawielitzki successfully led Synthon in Augsburg for four years and was previously Head of R&D and Deputy Head of Analytics at the Dr Ehrenstorfer-­-Schäfers' laboratory. He recently served as Manager of Business Development at Aurigon Life Science GmbH, where he was responsible for advising clients in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

A recognised industry expert, Dr Krawielitzki has an excellent network and in-­-depth knowledge of organic chemistry as well as the platform chemical 5-­-HMF and its wide-­-ranging application possibilities.

"In Dr Stefan Krawielitzki, the AVA Group gains an industry expert. Thanks to his experience and proven expertise, we have a valuable addition to the company who will help us continue to implement our successful strategy," says Jan Vyskocil, CEO of the AVA Group.

About AVA-­-CO2

Biotechnology company AVA-­-CO2 offers global solutions for the sustainable use of sewage and other biomass. As a pioneer of hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC), AVA-­-CO2 designs, builds and operates HTC plants on behalf of its clients, transforming sewage and other plant residues efficiently and profitably into CO2-­-neutral HTC carbon or platform chemicals. Thanks to AVA's cleanphos technology, based on the HTC process, the company offers an innovative and cost-­-effective process for phosphorus recovery. Based in Zug, Switzerland with a subsidiary in Karlsruhe, Germany, the company operates the world's first HTC-­-scale plant since 2010. Subsidiary AVA Biochem is based in Muttenz, Switzerland and produces platform chemical 5-­-HMF using HTC technology.

About AVA Biochem

AVA Biochem produces high-­-quality platform chemical 5-­-hydroxymethylfurfural from biomass, serving customers in the fine chemical industry and research institutes around the world. A subsidiary of AVA-­-CO2, the company is based in Muttenz, Switzerland where the world's first 5-­-HMF plant is operating.

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