Immunomedics pockets $10M milestone; Brainstorm Cells shares rocket on recommendation; Three biotechs unite on platform

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> Immunomedics is pocketing a $10 million milestone payment from Nycomed from their $580 million deal on veltuzumab. Story

> Three UK biotechs--Isogenica, Biolauncher (Cambridge) and Cresset Biomolecular Discovery--are joining forces on a new drug discovery platform. Report

> Evidently it pays to be on the good side of analyst Ray Dirks in Israel. After Brainstorm Cell's shares opened at 28 cents, his recommendation sent the stock price up 86 percent. Volatility seems to be the order of the day for biotech stocks. Article

> Anacor says it has garnered positive data from a mid-stage study of an experimental therapy for psoriasis. Item

> Epistem says it will work with an Indian lab on the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. Story

Pharma News

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> In marketing overhaul, J&J aims for integration. News

> Supreme Court backs Lilly in Zyprexa class action. Report

> Senator urges FDA to step up on foreign APIs. Article

Manufacturing News

> For Ranbaxy, FDA visit is much more than a plant inspection. Story

> Merck, Six Sigma and 360-degree problem solving. News

> Endo illustrates two types of labeling recalls. Article

> KV trains regulatory, GMP firepower on comeback. Item

> Manufacturers mostly mum on drug shortages. Item

> REMS costs calculated in study. Report

Biotech Research News

> Scientists crack histamine code that could lead to better allergy relief. Report

> Following up on great expectations for stem cell clinical trials. Article

> Diabetes more than doubled since '80; promising research highlighted. News

> Academic/pharma matches made in biotech heaven...mostly. Story

> Some breast cancers could be treated with prostate cancer drugs. Item

And Finally... The whole genomes of two Tasmanian devils have been sequenced to give researchers a better idea of how the species can be saved from extinction. Report