Illumina Announces Launch of the Eco(TM) Real-Time PCR System

Illumina Announces Launch of the Eco(TM) Real-Time PCR System
Personal Real-Time PCR Instrument Provides High Performance at a Breakthrough Price

SAN DIEGO, Jul 27, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN) announced today the Eco Real-Time PCR System, a novel platform that promises to extend the access of real-time PCR applications to the individual bench scientist. The Eco system sets new standards in performance and simplicity for qPCR, while offering unprecedented access to a wide range of applications at one-quarter of the price of other commercially available, similarly featured, real-time PCR systems.

The Eco Real-Time PCR System offers:

  • True four-color multiplexing and High-Resolution Melting Analysis (HRM)
  • Use of all standard Real-Time PCR chemistries, and ability to perform fast PCR using standard chemistries
  • Industry leading data quality and reproducibility with well-to-well uniformity five times that of other commercially-available, far more costly Real-Time PCR systems
  • A compact (approximately one cubic foot) design and 48-well plate format specifically tailored to the needs of the individual researcher
  • Ease of use and installation by both experienced and novice Real-Time PCR users
  • An intuitive, icon-driven software interface with smart default protocols
  • Affordability -- with a US list price of $13,900, the system is accessible to individual researchers around the world

"We are excited to launch the Eco Real-Time PCR System, which we believe will set new standards for performance, simplicity and affordability," said Christian Henry, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Life Sciences. "The system will enable us to address a broad range of applications and markets and is highly complementary to our industry-leading sequencing and array platforms."

Illumina will begin shipping the Eco system in August. For more information about the Eco Real-Time PCR System, please visit

The product was developed by Helixis, Inc., which Illumina acquired on April 30, 2010.

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